When problems arise at work, they usually have nothing to do with finance, operations, the vision  & mission or the organization itself. In reality, it is human psychology that lies at the heart of many ‘organisational’ problems. For example, a person’s stubborn nature can sabotage their work, which can result in conflict with colleagues. Many organisations try to resolve these people-related issues with recruitment, operational changes, or regulatory reform. However, such efforts only provide temporary, surface-level solutions rather than addressing the issues which cause the problem in the first place. In other words, organisations often attend to symptoms rather than root cause. Our philosophy is to motivate individuals to realize their potentials and therefore improve the performance of individuals and teams.


A common language to strengthen communıcatıon

We believe that understanding the psychological dynamics which influence our behaviour is the biggest investment we can make for ourselves. Whatever a title or position someone has, we aim to uncover and increase their desire to learn, grow and realise their potential. With our development programs suitable for all employees from different backgrounds, we promote self-awareness throughout the organisation and create a common language that strengthens communication and relationships using Transactional Analysis (TA) concepts.

"We mostly find people related issues at the root of company problems".

Self-aware individuals, companies ready for change

With our development programs we aim to inform individuals abut the psychological dynamics which guide their behaviours and show them how they can control and change these dynamics which can disrupt their wellbeing. Our development programs typically start with our Self-awareness Module “Living with Eyes Closed”. 

Our development programs start with our
Self-awareness Module “Living with Eyes Closed where participants get acquainted with Transactional Analysis.

This program is designed for participants who wish to learn in more detail how they can specifically use  and benefit from Transactional Analysis at work. Participants also discover the “I am OK – You are OK” life philosophy in this module.

This module explores the journey of leadership from personal success to managing a team and finally becoming a leader by using Transactional Analysis concepts.

We inform individuals about the “psychology of work” with short and ‘target-spesific’ material. You get a chance to look at yourself and learn how to manage psychological dynamics which are at the root of many problems at work.


Become aware of the psychological factors which can hinder performance.




Develop a new perspective by learning a new model that explains why we behave the way we do.



Deliver better results in organisational change and agile transformations by becoming aware of dynamics that guide our behaviour and reactions.


Azmi Varan


Varan studied psychology at the University of Hull (England) and received his M.A. and Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Hacettepe University in Ankara, Turkey. He worked in the Psychychiatry Department of Ege University and was a part-time lecturer for the University of Maryland. Besides being an academic, he has worked as a psychotherapist. Assoc. Prof. Azmi Varan has been presenting self-awareness training based on Transactional Analysis and provides life coaching to upper-level managers since 2012.   


Leyla Varan Sartore


Leyla Varan Sartore completed her BSc in Psychology at City University London followed by an MSc degree in Organisational Behaviour at the London School of Economics. She worked part-time at Thompson Dunn Limited and then moved back to Istanbul to begin her career as a Consultant Psychologist. She has experience in the Human Resources and Marketing functions in the Financial Technology sector, as well as consulting and training experience with multinational organisations. She continues to deliver training and consultancy to global companies, exploring how psychology informs the world of work.

Ayca Keçeli


Ayca Keçeli completed her BSc in Psychology at Koç University in Istanbul and is the Training & Development Coordinator in YFO Consultancy since 2012.


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